Stellaris RNA FISH Full-Length Promotional Video

Detection of Long Noncoding RNAs by Stellaris FISH Probes

Stellaris® RNA FISH

Stellaris® RNA FISH: Detection, Localization, and Quantification of RNA at the Cellular Level

Most images were acquired by LGC Biosearch on a Nikon Eclipse Ti widefield fluorescence microscope with a CFI Plan Apo VC 60X oil/1.4 NA or CFI Plan Apo VC 100X oil/1.4 NA oil objective.  Some images are customer submitted where noted. Final images are maximum intensity merges of a z-stack. Custom Stellaris FISH probes can be designed with the LGC Biosearch Technologies' Stellaris FISH designer and used with the most up-to-date protocols.


Frozen Tissue

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